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Aug 27

Safe and Professional Way to Move a Piano

Find out what a piano mover can do for you. Find out what the consequences may be for people who do not hire a professional for the job. Find... Learn more

Jul 27

Piano Relocation by Professional Piano...

Piano moving is not as simple as it seems. If you are relocating with all your household possessions and you have a grand piano in your midst,... Learn more

Jun 28

Some Reason’s why you Hire the Professional

Some exceptional piano moving techniques developed by professional piano movers over the last 15 years. Those techniques ease the solid task of... Learn more

May 20

House Moving with A Piano

If it happens that you need to change locations for whatever reason, you will need to spend quite a lot of time organizing the specifics of your... Learn more

Apr 28

The Keyboard/Piano Move

Pianos are essentially the Mona Lisa for moving companies when it comes to some of the most difficult pieces they can be faced with. They can... Learn more

Mar 20

Piano Moving & Care, Plus Piano’s in...

If you have never seen the movie The Music Box with Laurel and Hardy you could probably youtube it and find this episode with them moving a... Learn more

Feb 17

Piano’s on the Move

Are you moving to a new home and worried about moving your piano? Or do you need to relocate a piano to a new location? Whatever the reason you... Learn more

Jan 20

The Many Types of Keyboards

The first electric pianos from the late 1920s used metal strings with a magnetic pickup, an amplifier and a loudspeaker. The electric pianos... Learn more

Dec 16

The Art of Moving a Piano

Just glancing through a google page on moving a piano there are titles like, “How to Move a Piano and live to tell of it”, and another was, “How... Learn more

Nov 06

Moving a Piano

First suggestion is, get a professional: Why: The smallest grand piano starts at 54 inches long (which is equivalent to a 54 inch high upright)... Learn more