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Mar 28

To DIY or Not To?

Is it a good idea for you to move your own grand piano or any other piano for that matter?  Unless you are experienced at moving grand pianos... Learn more

Feb 28

Professional Piano Movers

There are many reasons for hiring a professional piano moving company to move one’s piano. Here is a small note why: Pianos would not exist... Learn more

Jan 30

Piano Moving

There is always something more to be said about why it is so important to hire a professional piano moving company versus DIY. Especially when... Learn more

Dec 27

Piano Moving Expertise

Along with pool tables, hot tubs, kitchen appliances and furniture pieces, pianos are among the top contenders for the prize of the most... Learn more

Nov 27

Piano/Keyboard Relocation

When you decide to relocate, you will generally find house movers and if you are moving an office with large amounts of technical equipment you... Learn more

Oct 28

Storing a Piano/Keyboard

There may come a time in your life when either moving or house refurbishing that you may need to have your piano put in storage. As you care for... Learn more

Sep 28

Piano Moving

Moving a piano is a project no matter how you look at it. Now, do you really feel you and your friends can handle it? How many pianos have you... Learn more

Aug 27

Safe and Professional Way to Move a Piano

Find out what a piano mover can do for you. Find out what the consequences may be for people who do not hire a professional for the job. Find... Learn more

Jul 27

Piano Relocation by Professional Piano...

Piano moving is not as simple as it seems. If you are relocating with all your household possessions and you have a grand piano in your midst,... Learn more

Jun 28

Some Reason’s why you Hire the Professional

Some exceptional piano moving techniques developed by professional piano movers over the last 15 years. Those techniques ease the solid task of... Learn more