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“Denver Piano and Electronic Keyboards Movers”

“Denver Piano and Electronic Keyboards Movers”

Keyboard Carriers

A piano is one item where it is always advisable to find a professional moving company, Keyboard Carriers, instead of attempting to move it yourself. Pianos are very heavy and unwieldy, not to mention expensive. Spending a little extra money on a reputable piano moving company will protect something you spent a lot of money on.

All moves include full insurance for your instrument and property. Our moving workweek is Tuesday through Saturday, and we are in the office Monday through Saturday.

Since our incorporation in March of 1978, Keyboard Carriers has moved over 100,000 pianos and keyboards within Colorado. We specialize in only two services: moving and storage. Although we don’t tune, refinish, rebuild, repair, rent or sell pianos, we have many clients who do all those things, and we are happy to give you a recommendation.

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