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Other Instruments

Other Instruments

Digitals (Electronic Keyboards)

These instruments have become more and more popular, sophisticated, and powerful. Some cost more than acoustic pianos! Our moving charges for them vary depending on the style but are still slightly less than a traditional piano. Call to discuss and get a quote.

Small Home Organ – $205
Console Organ (with pedalboard) – $235
Theatre/Church – $300 – $505
External Speakers – $50 – $75
Flight charges are slightly more than Vertical Pianos. Call or email for a quote.

keyboard moving company

Square Grand

The Square Grand was a short-lived style in the late 1800’s and are very rare. It is actually a rectangle, measured by its width.

Up to 7′ – $290
7′ to 8′ – $340
8′ and up – $415
Flight charges start at $95 up, and $85 down.

Square Grand Piano


The Harpsichord is the precursor of the Grand piano. They are extremely rare and very light. They contain no metal, but they are very fragile and expensive.

$155 flight up $65 Flight Down $60

harpsichord moving company

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