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Sep 30

Denver Colorado Piano Movers & Storage

KEYBOARD CARRIERS There are many great reasons to own a piano and you can have an abundance of fun with one from learning to play, watching your... Learn more

Sep 17

Denver Keyboard & Piano Movers and...

KEYBOARD CARRIERS FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME At some time in the distant past, ancient man must have discovered that by stretching a thong... Learn more

Sep 04

Denver Piano/Keyboard Movers & Storage

Keyboard Carriers Player Pianos Also called “reproducing pianos,” this class of instrument represents a modern update on the paper-roll player... Learn more

Aug 20

“Denver Professional Piano/Keyboard Movers”

Keyboard Carriers The Traditional Piano And what of traditional concert pianos? Have they been lost in the technological shuffle? Far from it.... Learn more

Aug 07

“Denver Expert Piano Movers”

Keyboard Carriers Grand Piano Storage A Grand is stored on its side with the legs and bench wrapped separately. We bag it in plastic for... Learn more

Jul 23

“Denver Piano Moving Company Since 1978”

Keyboard Carriers Piano’s and Hardwood Floors: If your piano is going to be placed on hardwood floors you may want to consider resting it on... Learn more

Jul 10

“Denver Piano and Keyboard Movers”

Keyboard Carriers Colorado’s Most Recommended Piano Mover Part two of : The Birth of the Modern Grand and American Piano Production By 1900,... Learn more

Jun 26

“Denver Piano Movers and Storage”

Keyboard Carriers The Birth of the Modern Grand and American Piano Production The early great composers did not require a keyboard instrument... Learn more

Jun 12

“Denver Keyboard and Piano Movers and...

Keyboard Carriers The Upright Piano Records show that the first upright piano was built in about 1780 by Johann Schmidt of Salzburg, Austria. ... Learn more

May 29

“Denver Piano Movers and Storage”

Keyboard Carriers Piano Storage Presents Unique Problems Piano storage presents unique problems, so it is especially important to make sure that... Learn more