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The Keyboard/Piano Move

The Keyboard/Piano Move

Pianos are essentially the Mona Lisa for moving companies when it comes to some of the most difficult pieces they can be faced with. They can weigh in-excess of 1000 pounds, and potentially be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

A piano is a very delicate instrument that needs extreme care and a very thoughtful approach when you need to move it from one place to another. A lot of planning and preparation must be ensured in moving the instrument so that you can avoid any slight damage to it. Many piano owners avoid hiring of piano movers to save the costs, but they end up paying more over repairing the instrument due to vast damages during the moving process. The cost of moving a piano is never excessive as it is often believed, when you have approached the right professional people to do the job.

A piano is a big musical instrument. Its size is so big that it even looks awkward when you think of moving it as it requires a lot of space. You need to take certain steps for a trouble-free move of the instrument. The first thing you must know about it is the distance from the present location to the new location where you want the Piano movers to move the instrument. The distance is also a major factor in deciding on the type of care that the movers must take.

A professional piano moving company will note down all the obstacles that they will face when moving the piano. For instance, they will note the number of staircases and doors through which the instrument will pass during the move. They will also look at the option of the balcony and using a lift for an easier move. These details play a key role in helping the piano movers to draw up a plan of for the move.

After assessment of the obstacles in moving the piano is finished, the next important step piano movers will take is to wrap up the instrument in the best quality material. The material must be of top quality to secure the safety of the huge musical instrument. In fact, a piano moving company uses many safety wrap materials to provide maximum protection to the instrument from any damages during the transportation as well as loading and unloading.

Your piano is an expensive musical instrument and you should hire only a highly-experienced piano moving company that has right equipment, material and dedicated vehicle for the purpose. Settle for one such piano mover after interviewing many of them to know about their past work in transporting pianos on long or short distances with safety. Comparison of the movers also enables you to know about the competitive costs of the professionals in the moving of a piano.

Remember, there are many different sizes and styles of pianos, ranging from concert grand pianos, to smaller upright spinet pianos. Each type has a specific method, and requires different equipment, skill level, and varying amounts of man power.


And for your pleasure, a few not so known facts about Beethoven:

His Symphony no. 3, called Eroica, was dedicated to Napoleon (before he’d disappointed Beethoven and crowned himself absolute monarch, as opposed to being a symbol of revolution and new era in Europe) and written at a time when Beethoven considered moving to Paris. The move never happened, but the symphony would be a defining artistic work of the German enlightenment.

One of the major inspirations of Beethoven’s famed Ninth Symphony was poet Friedrich Schiller’s poem “Ode to Joy,” which he’d been meaning to put to music since his youth.

Despite his acclaim, Beethoven always had to work hard to ensure a comfortable living by giving piano lessons, writing work commissioned by wealthy Viennese residents, and, of course, publishing his own music.

He died during a thunderstorm at age 56, his friend comparing the occasion to the composer’s symphonies with “crashes that sound like hammering on the portals of Fate.”

Thousands joined the procession at his burial. His monument said, simply, “BEETHOVEN.”