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Safe and Professional Way to Move a Piano

Safe and Professional Way to Move a Piano

Find out what a piano mover can do for you. Find out what the consequences may be for people who do not hire a professional for the job. Find out what the piano moving process is like. Moving a keyboard is not an easy task. The sheer size and weight of a traditional keyboard make it difficult to handle for many people. If the move is handled by someone who is not in the moving business, the keyboard can cause damage to your house. Still, many individuals hesitate to contact a professional because they believe that the cost for moving an upright or a grand is very high. Rest assured that many movers offer reasonable prices. A professional can move your upright or grand anywhere you want – upstairs, to a basement, or outside the home.

A piano mover is experienced and many of them have been moving for many years. They will move your item quickly and safely, making sure your property and the item does not get damaged in the process. There are many reliable professionals around that take their jobs seriously. They have the proper equipment that’s necessary to get the job done. Your keyboard probably cost you a lot of money and it’s special to you, so don’t let just anyone move it around.

If your keyboard gets damaged, it could become very expensive to repair. It only takes one wrong move to damage a grand or upright and cause a catastrophe that results in a scratched finish, broken leg, or a damaged side. Worse yet, an important component can get badly damaged. Fixing these kinds of problems may cost you a few hundred dollars to thousands. Don’t take any chances. Contact a professional piano mover when you need to have your upright or grand moved.

A piano mover can move your item to a new house or building. They will pack the piece properly and move it to the destination quickly. Keep in mind that a keyboard can get damaged if it is not packed properly. The damage may be expensive to fix if it is even repairable. A professional will wrap your upright or grand in blankets and padding. After the professional packs the piece, the cargo will be secured in a large truck.

You can find a professional by talking to people you know, looking in your favorite search engine, and going through a phone book. You can also ask a local keyboard dealer to recommend a trustworthy company.

When you contact a moving company, make sure you find out if they are licensed and insured. In the majority of cases, the insurance coverage they carry will be more than enough to cover the costs of replacing or repairing a keyboard. Mistakes do happen and somebody can get hurt in the moving process, so make sure you protect yourself.

Uprights and grand piano’s make wonderful music, but they are very heavy. Even the lightest weigh about 300 pounds. They are also awkwardly shaped and very large. If you happen to drop the instrument, a replacement will probably cost you thousands. A piano mover specializes in moving these large instruments from point A to point B, and they have the equipment, tools, and experience that’s needed to move a keyboard safely.

The professional and highly-trained crew of piano movers will be able to get your piano transferred safely in no time at all. Equipped with the right moving tools and the knowledge of the complexities of the parts of the piano, they can cautiously maneuver it out of your old house and into your new one. Your piano, be it upright or grand, will be protected from scratches and dents. Its inner strings and pieces wouldn’t get displaced so violently. Although a little fine tuning will be required to your new place, know that it is a normal occurrence with piano moving. You can still breathe a sigh of relief knowing your high-priced musical instrument can be as safe and can be looking and playing as it always did when it gets deposited into its brand-new location.