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The Art of Moving a Piano

The Art of Moving a Piano

Just glancing through a google page on moving a piano there are titles like, “How to Move a Piano and live to tell of it”, and another was, “How to Move a Piano without Injuring your back”

or “Do’s and Don’ts of Moving your Piano” what! Is this what you want to do, learn the hard way and have to repair your piano for your let’s try and see what happens, I don’t think so?

Worry for your life and so if you live through it what shape is your piano going to be in?

No no, let’s face it, remember the last time you moved your items in your home yourself? How tired you were afterwards and how many things got damaged, come on there were a few, right?

So you still may be able to move some things yourself these days whether you care to or not, but a piano of any size, let’s think this one out. And another thought, do you have the right equipment, dollies and heavy duty straps and do you know how to properly use them. Don’t make me put the articles in here about the casualties that have happened while inexperienced people try to move piano’s. Now that you got all that figured out, securing the piano in whatever you decided was a safe and sturdy moving vehicle. Many accidents to the piano have also happened when the piano was in transit and not properly secured.

Oh, have I forgotten to mention stairs and staircases? What about those. Here’s some weights for you to ponder:

Grand Piano – Even a small upright can weigh 136 kg (300 lb), and the Steinway concert grand (Model D) weighs 480 kg (990 lb). The largest piano available on the general market, the Fazioli F308, weighs 570 kg (1257 lb).

Upright Piano – The smallest upright piano might weigh less than 300lbs where a large concert grand can be more than 1000lbs. Upright pianos are divided into four groups. Spinets are the smallest, at about 3′ tall and 4’10” long. They weigh 200-300lbs and can usually be moved from room to room by two strong people.

You wouldn’t trust your antique sports car to just any auto mechanic, so why would you trust the transportation and relocation of your piano to just any moving company?

Moving these delicate, expensive and often highly cherished musical instruments requires specific training, packing and transportation techniques to ensure that your piano arrives at its destination in exactly the same condition it left. Of course, moving any piece of furniture can offer its challenges but with some of the larger pianos weighing upwards of 1,200 pounds, selecting a moving company with properly trained staff is the only way to truly avoid those hazards and reduce them down to virtually zero.

If it’s a Petite Baby Grand you need offloaded or a Concert Grand that must be transported, or several keyboards or an upright piano. Choosing the right mover is the most important task if you want to ensure that the only thing you need to worry about when your loved possessions reaches its destination is a quick retuning or a dusting!

So with all said and done I have a new title for a google title on a moving your piano webpage, “The best way to Move your Piano is to Hire a Professional”, what do you think!

I thought this would be an interesting comparison:

Things you should know when moving a pool table

– Find out what it takes to move a pool table successfully. Its dimensions, weight, shape and moving distance will define the level of complexity of the overall process.

– Decide whether the pool table should be moved at all. Is it worth the money and effort? If you are moving to another country, selling your current pool table and purchasing the new one would be probably the most appropriate thing to do.

– Although you have a lot of friends who are willing to help you with the move, you need to know that moving a pool table is a tricky, potentially dangerous and expensive affair.

– Moving a pool table is not about heavy lifting only. It needs to be disassembled, packed, secured, safely handled and transported, properly reassembled and set up at your new place. A company that specializes in moving pool tables will be able to provide the most reliable help in this case. They know how to carry it and where to lift in order to reduce the effort.

Ok so the piano doesn’t have to be totally disassembled, however look how intense it is for a pool table, think about your piano, you do want to play it again don’t you?