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The Piano Move

Moving a piano is a huge task for you and your friends and it is also a huge task for the professional. What’s the difference, the pro’s do it all the time and have the tools and the know-how for all the different situations a home or business or apartment can throw at them with… Continue reading The Piano Move

“Denver Piano and Electronic Keyboard Movers”

Keyboard Carriers Colorado’s Most Recommended Piano movers Some more Details of the Piano: DAMPERS The function of a damper is to stop the vibration of a string when the sound has continued long enough. As long as the player’s finger depresses the key, the damper belonging to that key’s strings remains lifted, and the strings… Continue reading “Denver Piano and Electronic Keyboard Movers”

“Denver Grand, Vertical Piano and Keyboard Movers”

KEYBOARD CARRIERS Some Piano tuning information: The relationship between two pitches, called an interval, is the ratio of their absolute frequencies. Two different intervals are perceived as the same when the pairs of pitches involved share the same frequency ratio. The easiest intervals to identify, and the easiest intervals to tune, are those that are… Continue reading “Denver Grand, Vertical Piano and Keyboard Movers”

“Denver Piano and Electronic Keyboards Movers”

Keyboard Carriers A piano is one item where it is always advisable to find a professional moving company, Keyboard Carriers, instead of attempting to move it yourself. Pianos are very heavy and unwieldy, not to mention expensive. Spending a little extra money on a reputable piano moving company will protect something you spent a lot… Continue reading “Denver Piano and Electronic Keyboards Movers”

Store Pianos with Piano Movers Thanks to their considerable bulk, sometimes it becomes important to not just move your piano, but to find it a temporary home for a while as well. Not all places you move into can accommodate a piano, and many home remodeling and renovation projects require major furniture be vacated from the premises. In those… Continue reading Store Pianos with Piano Movers

Steamboat Springs

We recently moved a piano in Steamboat Springs that makes for an interesting story. The owner of the piano (a 7′ Mason & Hamlin grand) had moved from Connecticut to a nice condo in Steamboat at the foot of the ski slopes. Her furniture movers wisely left her piano at the base of the first… Continue reading Steamboat Springs