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“Denver Piano and Electronic Keyboard Movers”

“Denver Piano and Electronic Keyboard Movers”

Keyboard Carriers Colorado’s Most Recommended Piano movers Some more Details of the Piano: DAMPERS The function of a damper is to stop the vibration of a string when the sound has continued long enough. As long as the player’s finger depresses the key, the damper belonging to that key’s strings remains lifted, and the strings… Continue reading “Denver Piano and Electronic Keyboard Movers”

“Denver Piano and Keyboard Professional Movers”

Keyboard Carriers Brief History of Pianos The Early Keyboard Instruments: Harpsichord and Clavichord Prior to the construction of the piano, the harpsichord was the primary keyboard instrument from about 1600.  However, the first mention of the harpsichord dates back to the end of the 14thCentury. The harpsichord is a stringed keyboard instrument in which the… Continue reading “Denver Piano and Keyboard Professional Movers”

“Denver Keyboard and Piano Movers and Storage”

Keyboard Carriers The Upright Piano Records show that the first upright piano was built in about 1780 by Johann Schmidt of Salzburg, Austria.  About 20 years later, John Isaac Hawkins of Philadelphia patented an upright with vertical strings, a full iron frame and a check action.  In the early 1800s, Robert Wornum of London and… Continue reading “Denver Keyboard and Piano Movers and Storage”

“Denver Professional Piano/Keyboard Movers”

Keyboard Carriers The Traditional Piano And what of traditional concert pianos? Have they been lost in the technological shuffle? Far from it. With countless artists from Bruce Hornsby to Michael Feinstein using them, the acoustic piano is still very much in demand. While the basic design of the acoustic piano is remarkably similar to the… Continue reading “Denver Professional Piano/Keyboard Movers”

Piano Movers

KEYBOARD CARRIERS Since 1978/Moving over 100,000 piano’s and keyboards Colorado’s Most Recommended Piano Mover Fun Piano Facts: The first practical piano with an escapement mechanism for the hammers and capable of being played softly and loudly was built in 1700 by an Italian, Bartolomeo Cristofori . The Smithsonian in Washington, DC is celebrating the 300th… Continue reading Piano Movers