Self-Moving Long Distance

We also move pianos onto and off of your personal truck or trailer or pod. Here are some tips for supplies and equipment you will most likely need to get your piano safely moved.

1. Straps or rope or some method of securing the piano.

2. Pads or blankets or material to protect the piano.

3. A good way of helping secure a vertical piano is to use 2x4 blocks about a foot long to raise  the piano up off the floor. Then the piano won’t tend to roll on its casters.

4. With a grand piano there are 2 methods of moving, with a “grand board”, or without one. When we send you on your trip with one of our boards we collect a deposit of $325.00 and refund 150.00 when our equipment is returned. Along with the “board” there are 4 or 5 pads to wrap legs and the bench.

5. The best area in your truck to place the piano is the rear driver’s side (this assumes that the truck is going to be loaded with furniture or other cargo). There are a couple reasons to do this:

First, it isolates the piano from all the other stuff in the truck or trailer. Having the piano strapped against the wall with nothing else next to or on top of it is the better scenario for a damage free move.

Second, when you get where you are going the piano is acessible to be unloaded by the piano mover you presumably have hired. Many times we have arrived at a location to unload a piano only to find that it’s “buried” in the front of the truck and it may be hours before enough furniture is unloaded to get to it. Many people are concerned about centering the piano in their rental truck. It’s really not a concern unless you are using a tiny trailer. Any normal rental truck could haul the piano wherever it’s parked in the cargo area. Another thing to check out before renting your truck is the “tie down” options in the truck itself. It’s not safe to tie down a piano using a couple little rings in the wall. If you have any other questions please call or email.