Pro-Moving Long Distance

Although we don't move pianos cross country ourselves we work closely with companies that do. One of the companies, Modern Piano Moving, attempts to move door to door, from location A to location B. The other two companies, Walter Piano Transport and Keyboard Carriage, only move pianos from piano mover to piano mover. In other words, if the piano is going from Colorado to some other state, we pick it up and hold it in our warehouse, and then they pick it up from us and haul it to the closest piano mover to the desination. The same situation in reverse if the piano is coming into Colorado from elsewhere, we recieve it, contact the local recipient, and schedule the delivery. To get a quote for having a piano moved cross country we encourage you to contact the movers listed below and discuss your situation.


Modern Piano Moving 800.737.5600
Keyboard Carriage 270.737.5797
Walter Piano Transport 574.674.6139