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Some Important Piano Moving Information

Some Important Piano Moving Information

Most piano moving companies calculate moving costs in 2 ways:

Hourly rate

Most movers will have a minimum number of hours (example, 3 hours) which takes into consideration the time it takes to move a piano from its location inside your home and safely into the truck plus travel time and unloading at the new address.

Fixed rate

Most movers consider what type of piano is being relocated, the distance of the move, and difficulties foreseen such as stairs and narrow spaces. They will also consider how many movers are needed for lifting and moving the piano.

Piano moving companies will offer different rates.  It is important to provide the moving company with specific details in order to receive the best and most accurate moving quote.

To calculate the moving cost, inform the mover what type of piano you own (upright or grand piano).  It is better if you measure the size of the piano.   It doesn’t help the mover if you describe a piano as being average, standard, or regular.

For upright pianos, measure the height from the floor to the lid.  For grand pianos, measure the length from one end of the keyboard to its bow.  This information will allow the moving company to estimate how many movers are needed and what equipment they will need.  You may also be asked for the make and model of your piano.

The foremost question you want to ask is “How much does it cost to move a piano?” Unfortunately, there is no quick answer since piano moving rates are estimated based on several factors. Piano moving companies want to know if you are moving an upright piano or a grand piano. Movers would also want to know the size of the piano, so they know what is needed for the job – equipment required and how many men.

In addition, they may also need to know the make of the piano as this gives them an idea of the size and value of the instrument and the pick-up location and destination.

Piano moving is of the specialty moving services offered by experienced piano moving companies. This is nothing like moving a piece of furniture no matter how large or expensive this furniture may be, a piano is a specialized item that needs specific movers in this field to do the job safely and properly.  These companies vary in terms of expertise and experience. To choose the best piano mover, you need to compare multiple piano moving quotes and check on company background.

You must also consider insurance in selecting your professional piano mover.  Ensure that the moving company has sufficient insurance cover in case of accidental damage.  Discuss insurance questions with the piano mover before finalizing the relocation of your piano.

Once again, your piano is special and needs the proper kit gloves to handle it. So, choose mindfully and consider your piano in the best hands and not the price of one mover to the price of an expert piano mover.

Even moving a piano from one room to another has its challenges. Don’t be fooled by those wheels. Even though your piano has wheels, they are not meant for moving. Wheels on most pianos are largely ornamental and are only intended for small adjustments. If possible, lift the piano off the ground when moving.

Whether you want to know how to move a piano from one room to another, to the next town over or across the country, the information is all there. Use it wisely. But seriously: hire professionals. Keep your instrument and your spine in excellent shape.