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Piano’s on the Move

Piano’s on the Move

Are you moving to a new home and worried about moving your piano? Or do you need to relocate a piano to a new location?

Whatever the reason you need to relocate your prized piano, this suddenly creates a huge hassle and worry for you. Whether you are moving your piano across town or across the country, you want it to be in safe hands.

Piano moving can be part of a full house move or it could be a single-item job.

Pianos are notoriously difficult to move, and we have all seen the cartoons and films where something goes wrong and the beautiful instrument is dropped and smashed into a thousand pieces. This certainly would provide no comedic element if it happened to your beautiful piano.

So what is the verdict? Can you safely move your piano on your own or should you hire piano moving specialists for the job? One might want to consider to move a piano safely and efficiently and what you will need if you decide to move a piano without professional help, however I still do not advise that, no matter what style and size piano one has.

Piano moving specialists are better equipped to transport delicate objects such as pianos without damage. Many professional moving companies offer piano moving services at affordable rates. The service can be part of a full household move or just to relocate a piano from one site to another. These companies have the equipment and experience to do the job so that not even one tuning key will be lost during transport.

When you hire a professional moving company to move a piano, you take out the stress and prevent injury to yourself or damage to this valuable musical instrument. The moving team has the full responsibility for the task and relevant insurance can cover any possible damage. Your contract with your selected movers should specify the insurance cover for the make and model of your piano so you can have peace of mind that it can be restored to its original state should the unexpected occur.

Unlike a traditional move that requires boxes, packing materials, and tape, transporting a piano requires a special knowledge and skill set. Here are three reasons why your next piano move should be left to the trained professionals.

A piano can weigh anywhere between 400 to 1300lbs. This is a mass amount of weight even for an experienced household mover. It requires the proper equipment that can include skids, pads, and ramps. Tight spaces are a reality in most homes and businesses. As such, your piano may not be able to fit through winding hallways and around sharp corners. Should your piano require some dismantling and re-assembly, the trained experts. Depending on the age, make, and model, pianos can be valued at upwards of $500,000. Professional piano movers can ensure that your instrument is handled with the utmost care. Whether your move is local or long distance, you can rest assured knowing that your piano is in experienced hands. 

After a move, there are many variations on the tuning of the piano because of the move. Humidity seems to be a big factor in it going out of tune, however one might want to consider calling a few piano tuners and asking their ways of dealing with a recently moved piano. Now I have also read where a upright might not have as much a issue with needing to be tuned right after a move, however I am no expert on that matter, moving piano’s is the matter at hand here.