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Piano Relocation by Professional Piano Movers

Piano Relocation by Professional Piano Movers

Piano moving is not as simple as it seems. If you are relocating with all your household possessions and you have a grand piano in your midst, you’ll soon discover that you need to make special arrangements for it. Ordinary house movers wouldn’t easily accept the task of moving your piano especially if they don’t have the skilled people to do the job. Also, the house movers wouldn’t risk putting in your piano with your other home items inside the moving truck. You need to contact a professional team in order to have your piano relocated. 

Piano Movers can have your piano relocated in the safest way. Generally, these pieces of musical equipment are pretty heavy. They can weigh hundreds of pounds and can even reach beyond one thousand. This weight can vary depending on the piano design that you possess. If you have an upright piano, its weight will be anywhere between 300-700 lbs. The grand piano, on the other hand, is much heavier at around 700- 1500 lbs.

In order to have any of these heavy pieces moved, you need several people to do the job. Piano Movers will supplement your piano relocation with the adequate number of crew depending on how heavy, bulky and complex your home’s lay-out plans could be. They have special equipment which the crew can use such as dollies, ramps, ropes and heavy machinery so that your piano can easily and safely pass through the various obstacles found in your home.

With the heaviness of the piano, it can potentially cause scratching on the floor. The use of dollies will effectively distribute the weight around to avoid causing such problem. Your piano will also be wrapped properly with thick blankets to avoid denting or scratching the delicate surfaces. The cover over the keys is secured so that it doesn’t suddenly pop up and breaks off when being transported.

While it’s easy to say that your group of friends can quickly wrestle the piano out of your home, knowledge of the intricate inner workings of the piano is very important. Professional piano movers have a crew who understand all the sensitive moving parts of the piano. There can be more than one thousand movable pieces in there plus hundreds of finely-tuned strings that you need to be careful about. If any of these parts are damaged during the move, expensive repairs will be called for.

As such if your house mover doesn’t exhibit any qualms in moving your piano together with your other home items, be wary of hiring the service that they offer. Moving your piano isn’t all about muscle. Understanding of how sensitive its internal components can be is highly required. Hire professional piano movers if you wish no harm to come upon your prized musical instrument.


If you have the need to store your piano for whatever reason make sure of a few things:

That the warehouse and moving company are fully insured. Piano experts stress the importance of storing your piano in a climate-controlled unit to protect the instrument from fluctuating temperatures that could have a negative effect on the strings, keys, and wood. Humidity is a piano’s worst enemy. With the average piano having approximately 15,000 glued joints, it isn’t glued anymore if the piano is stored in a humid climate. The strings are also not rust-proof by any means. If not stored in a climate-controlled unit, they can become rusted and corroded.