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Piano Moving Expertise

Piano Moving Expertise

Along with pool tables, hot tubs, kitchen appliances and furniture pieces, pianos are among the top contenders for the prize of the most difficult things to move as far as weight, bulkiness, and complexity are concerned. And with a piano, there is a certain sensitivity to this wonderful piece of construction. You don’t need to get a refrigerator tuned after you have moved it now, do you? And needing it tuned after a move is not always the case, however, sometimes it may be. Climate and other conditions can sometimes set a piano out of tune. So, moving a piano is more than moving any of the other top contenders for most difficult to move. By far the piano outclasses them all that is why there are companies that all they do is move piano’s because it is such a specialty trade.

There is such a major difference between movers and piano movers, not knocking movers at all, however, piano movers are trained in one area, moving pianos! The real difference entirely lies on the level of skills and amount of experiences that a mover possesses. Good professional movers for pianos usually are accustomed to the different techniques of handling, packing, and transport without any damage to both interior and exterior parts. They are also equipped with handy tools and equipment’s that should help packing and transport very easy thus providing a safe and smooth operation. Some piano movers will even come on moving day and move your piano for the movers and load it and secure it on the moving van if that is the scenario that has that takes place. Maybe you are traveling way out of the range of the piano movers so they will accommodate you at your old home and then I suggest you hire another reputable piano moving company at the other end to unload and set up in your new home.

Typically, pianos are moved by placing them on a particular skid called piano board. A blanket of pads is used to cover the entire instrument before it is strapped into the board. If the instrument is to be moved with a well-leveled floor surface, then a dolly can be used to carry its weight going to the truck. If there’s a stairway, the dolly is then removed with the instrument being slid gently and carefully away from it making sure that its weight is balanced all the time until a flat surface is again reached. Usually, a ramp does the trick when it comes to moving the instrument onto the moving truck.

For grand pianos, the techniques used by most companies also needs a few changes as this particular instrument can be really heavy and delicate at the same time. Generally, the instrument is moved with it straight side downwards. All removable parts of the instrument should be removed and then stored systematically in a special container. The lids and pedals are first removed and then followed by the leg on the straight side of the instrument. It is then lowered down on a special board and the rest of the legs are then carefully removed. Moving pads are then used to cover the instrument and then strapped with caution to a board to make sure that it is sturdy and safe.

If you are in a situation that needs your piano or keyboard to moved, it is important that you hire professional piano movers just to be safe that your instrument is taken care of and safe during the move. To give the piano movers Austin some idea about the general set up of your move, be sure to let a representative inspect your location so a plan can be created right away with regards to its move. Usually, your location says what equipment’s will be used for the move.