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Keyboard & Piano Moving Company


Since 1978/Moving over 100,000 piano’s and keyboards

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The first patent issued to H. Steinway, New York, was May 5, 1857.

Gustavus Hessilens made a spinet piano in Philadelphia in 1742.

G. Hoffman built a symmetrically rounded piano in 1804.

M. Welte and Son of Freiburg, Germany and Ludwig Hupfeld introduced the reproducing pianos about 1904.

Sebastian Erard made the first French Square piano in 1777 and the first grand in 1796.

John Broadwood enlarged the strings in the square piano, used two thick strings instead of three thinner ones and moved the wrest plank from the right side to the bottom of the case in 1788.

31st President – Herbert Hoover – Knabe Grand & A. B. Chase Grand

32nd President – Franklin D. Roosevelt – Hardman Grand

33rd President – Harry S. Truman – Steinway Grand, Baldwin Grand & Steinway Upright

34th President – Dwight D. Eisenhower – Hallet & Cumston Upright

35th President – John F. Kennedy – Ivers & Pond Grand Piano


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