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Paul Janko, Austria, constructed a keyboard of six tiers, one above the other — runs and arpeggios made less difficult than on regular piano keyboard.

Silver, glass, gold and silk were used in making strings for musical instruments.

Zumpe created the square piano in England in 1760.

Beethoven’s Studio Piano is in the National Museum, Vienna, Austria.

Comma (or coma) — A minute interval or difference in the pitches of the same musical tone occasioned by different systems of tuning. The comma of Didymus is an interval such as that between two enharmonically equivalent notes like B-sharp and C-natural, an amount of 24 cents. (cents are 1/100th of a semitone) The syntonic comma is the interval between a just major third (5:4) and a Pythagorean third (81:84). The comma of Pythagoras (known also as the ditonic comma) is the difference between a cycle of just fifths and seven perfect octaves. In equal temperament tuning this comma is absorbed by the diminishing of each successive fifth in the cycle by the amount of 1/12th of the comma.

26th President – Theodore Roosevelt – Chickering Upright, Steinway Grand Piano

27th President – William Howard Taft – Baldwin Grand Piano

28th President – Woodrow Wilson – Ernst Rosenkranst Square Piano, Knabe Grand

29th President – Warren G. Harding – A. B. Chase Electric Player Piano

30th President – Calvin Coolidge – Sohmer Upright Piano


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