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Since 1978/Moving over 100,000 piano’s and keyboards

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Fun Piano Facts:

Pianos are made of thousands of pieces of wood glued together to form various parts of the playing mechanism as well as the cabinet. Felt, buckskin, paper, steel, iron, copper, and other materials are also used.

Independent studies show that children who learn piano tend to do better in school. This is attributed to the discipline, eye-hand coordination, social skills building, learning a new language (music) and the pleasure derived from making your own music.

It should also be noted here that anyone considering a career in any facet of music should consider studying the piano. Many music schools require at least one semester of piano, regardless of your major.

Over the years there have been many attempts at “improving” the piano. One such experiment was to replace some of the wooden action parts with plastic. Some pianos from the 1940’s, 1950’s, and some in the 1960’s used plastic parts, but they cracked with age. (If you own one of these pianos, you might want to check out Piano Tuners to get it repaired or even Piano Dealers to replace it, or look for the replacement parts.


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