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Since 1978/Moving over 100,000 piano’s and keyboards

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A Brief History of the Modern Keyboard

The piano is actually an instrument made up of compromises due to the fact that it is not capable of playing the full “chromatic” scale as it can be played on say, a violin. The piano utilizes a tuning format called “just intonation”, a system whereby we are able to command the expression of all the sounds that are requred to be heard within the compass of an octave in order that the degrees of each and every possible scale may be correctly and exactly rendered. In order to create “true diatonic” sounds required for the necessary intervals in all scales, there would have to be 66 notes to an octave!

A drop of 1/2 step in pitch can equal a change of 3000 to 5000 Pounds of tension! (Now you know why it is important to keep your piano tuned).


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