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Since 1978/Moving over 100,000 piano’s and keyboards

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Jonas Chickering was the first exporter of American made pianos. First shipment to India 1844.

Yamaha, established in 1887 was the first piano manufacturer in Japan.

That pianos were the first meaningful brand names, the first Status Symbol, and the first major items sold on an installment basis, which was the cornerstone of several major banking institutions of today.

A grand piano action is faster than a vertical (spinet, console, upright) because it has a repetition lever. This allows the pianist to repeat the note when it is only half way up. A vertical action requires letting the key all the way up to reset the hammer action.

Presidential Pianos

11th President – James Knox Polk – Astor & Harwood Square Piano

12th President – Zachary Taylor – name unknown

13th President – Millard Fillmore – name unknown

14th President – Franklin Pierce – Chickering Square Piano

15th President – James Buchanan – Chickering Grand Piano

16th President – Abraham Lincoln – Chickering Square Piano & Chickering Upright

17th President – Andrew Johnson – Steinway & Sons Square Piano

18th President – Ulysses S. Grant – Melodeon

19th President – Rutherford B. Hayes – Bradbury Upright & Harpsichord (name destroyed by fire)

20th President – James A. Garfield – Hallet & Davis Upright


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