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There are many great reasons to own a piano and you can have an abundance of fun with one from learning to play, watching your kids play, or even just having the elegance of one in your home, but when it comes to moving a piano, there is nothing fun about it if you don’t have the proper skills or equipment. Unlike any other piece of furniture such as a couch, table, or chairs, a piano requires special care to be taken when moving. Could you do it yourself? Probably, with a bunch of strong friends and a pick up truck. It will likely take you a long time to do, someone may get hurt, and the piano or your home may be damaged in the process.

Without having a piano moving company to do this, you will also lack insurance. Piano movers are usually set up with everything they will need such as dollies, ramps, tools, straps, moving blankets etc. They will come in your house or business to move your concert grand piano, baby grand, upright piano, console piano or even the rare organ. Usually piano moving companies will charge a flat, base rate for the size of the piano and then a mileage and step fee. Pianos are rarely billed hourly because the better the movers get, the quicker they can be done, and the more pianos they can move in a single day. This is how the piano moving companies make money. Whatever the cost of having a piano mover do this for highly out weighs the cost of the damage you may cause to it or the people you have trying to move it. Along with the know how to move the piano the best way, we piano movers are usually also trained on how to best protect, disassemble and reassemble your pianos. So whether you have a grand piano or an upright piano, a Steinway or a Baldwin, if you are in need of moving a piano it is highly recommended to use or at least consult with a piano mover or even a tuner.

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