Professional Piano Movers

Using a professional piano mover will ensure safety and care when moving. Pianos are instruments and not pieces of furniture anyone can move. We have been out to many houses in the past where they have tried moving themselves or even with friends and they have either damaged their floors, themselves or even the piano. Upright and Grand Pianos are very heavy items, where the small upright pianos can weigh 400 pounds and larger pianos over 1000 pounds. Please note these items can be extremely difficult to move without correct equipment and adequate knowledge. People have even been killed, if the piano has broken castors or wobbly or spilt grand piano legs, this can be a leading cause for a piano to fall over and hurt someone. If it is knocked or moving incorrectly can cause fatal injuries to anyone, and also damage the piano seriously and this is just what you do not what to happen. So why choose a mover that has little if no experience moving a piano in the first place? Professional piano movers use certain techniques to maneuver the pianos around your homes. Many clients have said how easy weprofesionals make it look after they have witnessed the technics and equipment that is used by the professional piano mover. however it is not easy, but thats why we are called profesionals at what we do.

Specified professional piano movers will always have special equipment that has been custom made to our needs to tackle many situations around homes, schools, events etc. We have different types of piano moving wheels to tackle many bad terrains, soft wood floors and even hills. Piano moves with the correct equipment have made even the most difficult jobs easier than ever. If you are thinking of using a normal household removal company to move your piano, you will be taking a risk. The value of your piano is of course a lot of money; however, it has emotional value also. Trying to make use of any type of mover who may not have experience in moving pianos might seem like the cheaper option, but in most cases, there will be some type of problem and you will need to hire a professional after all.

You want to seek out the professional piano mover that is:

Fully insured Piano Movers

That can supply piano storage (climate controlled) if storage is necessary

Professional piano movers are able to store your piano in safe and secure, storage space. These areas are conditioned and are temperature controlled, ensuring a damp free unit that will not cause any damage to your piano even if stored on a long-term basis. Unlike other storage units, areas of space, and not containers. Containers are often moved around on fork-lifts and stacked on top of each other. Pianos in the containers often move around inside when being transported giving unexpected damages. When it comes to storing your piano and other instruments, we know it is a worrying time for musicians. From moving the piano into storage, insurances, storage fees and re-delivery, this can be a nightmare process for anyone. Then you will worry if the piano is going to return undamaged. With a professional piano moving company there is little to worry about and that’s how you want to feel, secure and confident that they will take great care of your instrument and if needed store it properly and return it as it was taken. 

If you were an antique dealer would you ship an antique in a box with the post office, not knocking the post office in anyway, however you would have a professional packing company pack it and ship it.

So, the same goes for your precious instrument, don’t you think, it is worth the weight in gold and more. So, do your best to seek out the proper piano moving company by checking references, checking their insurance and visiting their company warehouse and storage space.