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Dec 19

“Denver Piano Movers”

Keyboard Carriers For your pleasure, a little history; Pianos were invented in 1709 in Italy by a harpsichord maker named Bartolomeo di... Learn more

Dec 05

“Denver Piano and Electronic Keyboards...

Keyboard Carriers A piano is one item where it is always advisable to find a professional moving company, Keyboard Carriers, instead of... Learn more

Nov 21

“Denver Keyboard and Piano Movers”

KEYBOARD CARRIERS There is a lot at stake with having your instrument moved and handled.  Its not just the instrument itself, which is a... Learn more

Nov 07

Denver Piano and Keyboard Movers

KEYBOARD CARRIERS AND STORAGE We know that we are entrusted with what is perhaps the most precious possession of an individual or family, and... Learn more

Oct 22

“Denver Piano Movers”

KEYBOARD CARRIERS of Denver! Call a Professional and Protect Yourself When Moving a Piano: If you are about to move a piano by yourself, you... Learn more

Oct 10

Store Pianos with Piano Movers Thanks to their considerable bulk, sometimes it becomes important to not just move your piano, but to find it a temporary... Learn more

Mar 19

Steamboat Springs

We recently moved a piano in Steamboat Springs that makes for an interesting story. The owner of the piano (a 7' Mason & Hamlin grand) had... Learn more

Jan 30


January 30, 2013 - We just launched our new website! We hope it's infomative and user-friendly. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have... Learn more