Piano Moving

There is always something more to be said about why it is so important to hire a professional piano moving company versus DIY. Especially when we are talking a grand piano, however, I suggest a professional piano mover for any piano. Some of the information below I hope will shed some light on what I am trying to say.

Piano removal can be easy as long as the right precautions are taken ahead of time. Just a little preparation can save you money and trouble when it comes time to move your piano. A piano is a delicate and expensive investment, so moving it should be done with care.

Before you transport your piano, ensure the experts have cleared a path, and have prepared the piano for removal. If you are hiring a removal company, ensure that they have the necessary equipment and experience to safely transport your instrument. Check that they have insurance to cover any unfortunate circumstances that may come about.

Pianos are heavy and bulky, making piano removals quite difficult and dangerous. Hiring professional piano movers can help avoid damaging your piano and/or your home or injuring yourself. A piano removal transport company with the proper equipment and experience can transport a piano safely and efficiently. A piano removal company is an even stronger necessity for instruments located on the second and third story.

Are you moving to a new home and worried about moving your piano? Or do you need to relocate a piano to a new location?

Whatever the reason you need to relocate your prized piano, this suddenly creates a huge hassle and worry for you. Whether you are moving your piano across town or across the country, you want it to be in safe hands.

Piano moving can be part of a full house move or it could be a single-item job.

Pianos are notoriously difficult to move, and we have all seen the cartoons and films where something goes wrong and the beautiful instrument is dropped and smashed into a thousand pieces. This certainly would provide no comedic element if it happened to your beautiful piano.

So, what is the verdict? Can you safely move your piano on your own or should you hire piano moving specialists for the job? There are so many logistics that have to be worked out. Things like narrow staircases, doorways, various levels of the building all need to be navigated all the while making sure that no damage comes to your piano. Moving a heavy piece of furniture is not an easy task and without training or the right tools, your musical instrument can be damaged. Moving a piano is generally best done by professional piano movers as it is a fairly touchy business. Pianos are not only quite heavy, but they also tend to carry their weight in an awkward fashion. Upright pianos are mostly heavy on the top part, but the feet can be fragile. Grand pianos are heavier in the length of the piece, but the legs and other pieces are light and could break if not properly cared for during a move.

Types of pianos and their weight

Upright piano: Also known as a Spinet piano, this is the standard piano that you might find in a school's music room, one with a flat back that stands upright. On average, one of these pianos might weigh anywhere from 300-350 pounds.

Baby grand piano: This kind of piano is pretty much exactly what the name sounds like -- it's much like a grand piano, only slightly smaller. A typical baby grand piano can weigh around 500 pounds, on average.

Grand piano: Finally, the largest version of the grand piano can weigh upwards of 500 pounds and sometimes closer to 600 pounds, depending on the make and model of the piano.