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Johann Christian Schleip built many vertical pianos known as the "Giraffe Piano".

Johann Behrent built the first piano in America at Philadelphia in 1775 under the name "Piano Forte".

Mangeot of Paris built a piano with reversible keyboards in 1876.

Sebastian Erard built a piano and organ combined for Marie Antoinette.

Piano Row was located on 14th Street, New York. This was the headquarters of such fine pianos as Steinway, Steck, Behning, Bradbury, Sohmer and many others.

As far back as 1901, Estey stated they had manufactured and sold 325,000 organs.

Presidential Pianos:

36th President - Lyndon B. Johnson - Style L. Steinway, Knabe Console

37th President - Richard M. Nixon - Geo. P. Bent Upright, Baldwin Vertical

38th President - Gerald Ford - No personal piano

39th President - James (Jimmy) Carter - Ludden & Bates


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