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The heaviness of the instrument is one aspect of moving a piano that makes the job a tough one, but your piano is also filled with very delicate components; pianos must be moved carefully and steadily otherwise turbulence during transport caused by less-than-careful movers can and will wreak havoc on the tension of your piano’s strings. Each key on your piano is connected to a miniature hammer with a felt beater, which strikes individual strings inside as your fingers play the keyboard. Movers who have little to no experience moving pianos don’t realize the importance of gentleness while moving these instruments and will have your piano singing a sad song assuming it even arrives at your destination safely.

How have we stayed in business for more than 30 years and become known in the industry as the best piano moving company in Colorado? The simple answer is our philosophy of what it is we are actually moving. A piano is wood and metal, strings and keys, but it is also so much more. It is memories and emotions and family connections, countless intangible factors that make each piano uniquely meaningful to its owner. A piano has value far beyond the cost of its replacement.

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